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Traveling with Portable Oxygen can be a very rewarding experience.  For many people on long term oxygen therapy, the thought of traveling outside of the home is terrifying.  That is because there is a large disconnect between the types of oxygen equipment available and the types of oxygen equipment that are used. Many patients rely […]

MEDIF Forms.  What are they and do you need one for traveling? If are planning airline travel with your Portable Oxygen Concentrator, either domestically in the United States or abroad, the airlines may require some information about you and your medical condition.  The FAA has set standards in the United States with regard to Portable […]

Cruise line Portable Oxygen Travel Policies Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Concentrator Traveling made easy. Each individual Cruise line determines the types of Portable Oxygen Concentrators are approved for use on their Cruise Lines. As such, each cruise line has their own set of rules, and even documentation that may be required. The basic rules of air […]

Something to consider when traveling on oxygen, by boat, plane, train, or car…how long do your portable oxygen concentrator batteries really last for you? …and how do you know? In previous posts we have looked at traveling on an airplane and figuring how many batteries to bring to make you and the airline happy: I’m […]

Part 2 – Traveling with oxygen in your car – portable oxygen concentrators. In our first two posts on traveling while on oxygen therapy we looked various methods of travel and the types of oxygen therapies available.  Our first post, Choosing the best Portable Oxygen Therapy when traveling by car looked at applicable  oxygen therapy […]

Part 2 – Driving with oxygen  in your car – compressed gas versus liquid oxygen Our first post on traveling by automobile while on oxygen therapy (see here) looked at the extended traveling a motor home affords you and the choices you have when selecting your oxygen delivery system. In this post we’ll take a […]

Part 1 – Traveling with oxygen in your Motor Home or RV We are often asked what is the best portable oxygen concentrator to travel with when in an automobile.  Seems straight forward enough, and the answer is in the details of your specific trip and your personal oxygen therapy requirements.   The best portable oxygen […]

We receive this question a lot!!  I’m going from A to B, how many batteries do I need to take on my trip.  The short answer to that question is more than you think.  The variables of battery life of each individual POC (portable oxygen concentrator), the variables of the prescriptions, and the variable of […]

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