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If you own any SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator some basic battery maintenance will help you get the most out of your POC. Like most Portable Concentrators, the Eclipse uses Lithium Ion batteries, in the case of the SeQual Eclipse, two batteries are contained inside a Eclipse Power Cartridge. Generation one Power Cartridges with the […]

When it comes to taking care of our Long Term Oxygen Patients (LTOT) patients GoAssured is proud to carry the SeQual Eclipse 3 Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS).   Since we first began providing portable oxygen concentrators for our LTOT patients, the SeQual Eclipse, Eclipse 2, and now SeQual Eclipse 3 have been the most […]

No matter what portable oxygen concentrator you have all manufacturers have simple routine maintenance steps that will help keep your portable concentrator in peak operating condition.  Whether you own a SeQual Eclipse, Invacare Solo, Invacare XPO2, Innogen One, Respironics Evergo, DeVilbiss IGO, OxiLife or a different transportable oxygen concentrator, the basic user maintenance recommended for […]

Many owners of portable oxygen concentrators face some interesting challenges with servicing and maintaining  their POC’s.  How to have preventative maintenance performed and who will service the portable concentrator when service is due. The dilemma begins with the purchasing process, deciding whether to buy a portable oxygen concentrator from a local provider or from an Internet retailer.  A buyer might […]

So its the middle of the night, you wake up to the sound of your oxygen concentrator’s alarm going off. What do you do? When you require supplemental oxygen at home during the day or night, the sound of the alarm can send you into a panic, but there are several things that are easy to check that could […]

Not that the decision to purchase a particular portable oxygen concentrator was easy, you also have to determine the best oxygen delivery device (aka cannula) for both you and your system.  Each manufacturer has some requirements for the cannula length and the overall length allowed for the entire delivery device, that is tubing plus cannula.  […]

The first portable oxygen concentrators that were truly portable did not show up on the market until about the year 2000.  Prior to that, oxygen concentrators for home medical use, like the units pioneered by John Bunn, weighed in at about 50 pounds plus.  Patients used portable cylinders, either gas or liquid filled to maintain […]

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