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SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrators have many built in advantages that are secret to many SeQual Eclipse 3 owners. Much like the protective cover and keeping this SeQual Eclipse 3 protected from the environment, if you only look inside a SeQual Eclipse 3 you will find features other portable oxygen concentrators only dream of. […]

LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrators have a feature that is unique among all other portable oxygen  concentrators.  Built into the supplemental battery of each Life Choice portable oxygen concentrator is a surge protector. The concept is great, who would not want to protect their $4000 POC from a power surge that could fry the complex electronics […]

In the last part of this short series i want to talk about another common occurrence that can cause a Oxygen Patient to feel as if they are not receiving the correct amount of oxygen. Although not every Oxygen Patient uses a humidifier with their delivery system, some in dryer climates will opt to use this to […]

For part two of the Oxygen troubleshooting guide I want to talk about how the tubing can play a part in the concentrator functioning properly. Generally when you use oxygen you have some tubing that connects from the Oxygen Concentrator to the delivery method (Cannula or Mask).   The tubing can come from all different manufacturers, with different […]

So its the middle of the night, you wake up to the sound of your oxygen concentrator’s alarm going off. What do you do? When you require supplemental oxygen at home during the day or night, the sound of the alarm can send you into a panic, but there are several things that are easy to check that could […]

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