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If I had a nickle for every time a portable oxygen concentrator user had incorrectly selected a setting on their portable oxygen concentrator, …well, I would have a lot of nickles. Often times you cannot blame the patient, the patient you see was taking direction from the doctor.  And while the doctor has most likely done a brilliant job […]

The majority of people on Oxygen Therapy in the United States are not lucky enough to have portable oxygen concentrators as an equipment choice from their oxygen service provider.  Most oxygen companies who deal with Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance companies do not have any portable oxygen  inventory at all to offer their patients, and […]

The respiratory system works hand in hand with the cardiovascular system to ensure that our cells receive the necessary oxygen to carry out aerobic respiration and keep our bodies alive and functioning.   The respiratory system and the cardiovascular system depend on each other to fulfill their duties and neither one can function without the […]

So you have been diagnosed with lung disease, long-term oxygen therapy has been prescribed by your physician, and you have questions about oxygen therapy.  How can oxygen therapy improve your lifestyle and help you comfortably maintain the activities you choose?  Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’ve assembled educational sites pertaining to oxygen therapy that may […]

Part 2 – Traveling with oxygen in your car – portable oxygen concentrators. In our first two posts on traveling while on oxygen therapy we looked various methods of travel and the types of oxygen therapies available.  Our first post, Choosing the best Portable Oxygen Therapy when traveling by car looked at applicable  oxygen therapy […]

Part 2 – Driving with oxygen  in your car – compressed gas versus liquid oxygen Our first post on traveling by automobile while on oxygen therapy (see here) looked at the extended traveling a motor home affords you and the choices you have when selecting your oxygen delivery system. In this post we’ll take a […]

Part 1 – Traveling with oxygen in your Motor Home or RV We are often asked what is the best portable oxygen concentrator to travel with when in an automobile.  Seems straight forward enough, and the answer is in the details of your specific trip and your personal oxygen therapy requirements.   The best portable oxygen […]

Can the use of portable oxygen result in better quality, longer life?  Well, the short answer to that question is yes.  If you are a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) sufferer, the distances you can walk improve with the use of portable oxygen.  This improvement in your ability to ambulate will ultimately help improve your […]

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