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As many savvy oxygen dependent people have discovered, there are deals to be had if you are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator, have you considered a used Portable Oxygen Concentrator Since GoAssured began renting Portable Oxygen Concentrators  for traveling patients close to 10 years ago the locals new they could find deals.  Through years of experience, we […]

Are there really Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be had for portable oxygen concentrators? And, more importantly, do you want them? Black Friday is traditionally (a pretty new tradition really) one of the largest volume and sales days for online retailers, and Cyber Monday, another huge day of business for online retailers, but […]

There are many reasons people look online to buy a portable oxygen concentrator or a home oxygen concentrator.  While you may worry about the service you get from a company that may be miles away from you, you may be surprised your portable oxygen therapy needs could be serviced better by a good internet based […]

You are in the market to buy a portable concentrator, how do you choose the model that is right for you?  Choosing a portable concentrator or rather matching your oxygen therapy needs to a portable concentrator is actually an in-depth process. To begin with, your activity level and lifestyle need to be taken into account, […]

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