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Compare SeQual Eclipse 3 vs Devilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Put these 2 continuous capable portable oxygen concentrators side by side and compare features, functions, dimensions and much more. When looking to compare any portable oxygen concentrator, or specifically to Compare the SeQual Eclipse 3 vs Devilbiss iGo, always have your own specific questions in mind as […]

Any patient who portable oxygen therapy has been using portable oxygen therapy for the last few years is very familiar with some of the more well known portable oxygen concentrators on the market.  As a fan of new portable oxygen concentrators I enjoy very much when I get a sneak peak at the new offerings from […]

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  • Portable Oxygen Expert: presently we can replace sieve beds and motors on Eclipse 3's and Eclipse 5's for only $900 includin [...]
  • Portable Oxygen Expert: BS, you are dealing with a crappy provider. Warranty service, and that unit is under warranty is fr [...]
  • Portable Oxygen Expert: press the no smoking sign during the alarm, then, the plus button to read the error. [...]
  • Portable Oxygen Expert: No, you could absolutely have a failure on a unit with 511 hours. Repair cost has just dropped a l [...]
  • Jo: I just got a unit with shows 511 hours on the clock, it also gets a yellow flashing light (green and [...]