FAA approval for newly released portable oxygen concentrators.

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27 Jan 2014

Typically, we will receive one or two emergency requests for Portable Oxygen Concentrator rentals during the course of a week. Since the release of a major player’s POC our emergency requests for overnight rentals have skyrocketed. So much so that we need to make a little public service announcement about the newly released portable oxygen concentrators.
I am assured that the unit, Version 5 of from this manufacturer  DOES NOW have FAA Approval.  I have re-written this blog posting so as not to make the company feel so bad about their misstep.  However, the general principle needs to be stated again.  Many people who purchased the POC units were not told that they could not yet take them on airlines as you can with the established portable concentrators with FAA approval. In an effort by so many of these disreputable online oxygen sites to simply generate sales numbers, they will ‘forget’ to mention that a POC still cannot be used on-board and airline per FAA Regulations. I have heard nightmare stories of disgruntled customers stranded at the airport not able to board their flight. Worse yet is the lackluster ability and willingness of the company that sold the POC to rectify their problem.
Portable Oxygen sales online has degraded to the worst type of business, whereby unethical business practices dominate the market. Some of these online companies are so disreputable and disrespected that they have taken to creating multiple websites in an effort to mask the name of the underlying company. Buyer MUST beware. Oxygen machines, and portable oxygen concentrators specifically are high maintenance items.
So many times users are penny wise and pound fooling looking for the cheapest acquisition cost, only to realize that the service component required by portable oxygen concentrators and other oxygen concentrators skyrocket with these discount shops. Discount price means discount service. No loaners, no rental batteries, no 24 hour support. You get what you pay for with these cut rate cut service dealers.
What is so frustrating is the trip of a lifetime has now become the nightmare of a lifetime. Months and sometimes years of planning are thrown out the window because a cut rate internet site sold an oxygen dependent person the unit they wanted to sell, not the unit they should have sold.
Overnight Shipping to Florida of a portable oxygen concentrator to replace a non FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator the customer was sold is upwards of $350. Then their is our weekly rental rate, which is the cheapest in the industry, of $200 / week plus an extra battery and free return shipping. Still, an additional $500 and in some cases, depending on the length of the trip, $1000 or more to an already budgeted vacation can put additional strains on the vacation.
While we are empathetic to our customers who are getting burned by their purchase of a POC thinking they were good to fly on a plane, we have no empathy for the cut rate high pressure sales tactics of most online retailers.
Having been in the oxygen market for 20 years now, and specialized in portable oxygen concentrators for the last 12 years, we are no strangers to FAA regulations and timelines. For this reason we acquired a stock of portable oxygen concentrator units, FAA approved and ready to travel. You will be hard pressed to find any dealer with a remaining stock of portable oxygen concentrators save GoAssured. We saw the tempest coming and prepared.

Click to purchase your FAA Approved SeQual Eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrator at the best prices on the internet.

If you were burned by an internet retailer scamming you into purchasing a non FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator, please contact the manufacturer directly and identify the company you purchased your unit from.  Ask them to be removed from the authorized portable oxygen concentrator dealer lst.

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