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26 Mar 2013

Traveling with Portable Oxygen can be a very rewarding experience.  For many people on long term oxygen therapy, the thought of traveling outside of the home is terrifying.  That is because there is a large disconnect between the types of oxygen equipment available and the types of oxygen equipment that are used.

Traveling with portable oxgyen

Many patients rely on their Homecare company to provide their oxygen and only know what is available based on what has been brought to the patient’s home.  Portable Oxygen Concentrators are expensive and delicate pieces of medical equipment that the majority of Durable Medical Equipment companies cannot afford to place on patient’s, especially as long term rental units.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators typically cost five to eight times as much as a stationary oxygen concentrator, and are paid no differently by insurance companies than the stationary oxygen concentrator.  Sure, a portable oxygen concentrator has it’s own billing code, E1392, but that code typically pays the provider an additional $20-$40 dollars monthly.  Just to pay the oxygen provider back for their equipment costs can take almost 2 years in many cases.  The additional expenses of labor, 24 hour support, clinical staff, warehousing, insurance, etc etc are not even factored in.  And as reimbursement for oxygen services continue to be driven down artificially, patient choice will be removed.  Average reimbursement a provider recieves for oxygen services as of July 2013 will be roughly 74% less than what is was in 1997. If you plan any traveling with portable oxygen, you cannot look to your provider to supply your portable oxygen concentrator free of charge any more.

Many portable oxygen users have already discovered traveling with portable oxygen is best handled outside of insurance.  The number of portable oxygen concentrators sold each year continues to rise. As baby boomers approach retirement and look to their last 15 or 20 years, they do not want to fight insurance companies over the lifestyle they choose to live. Being in control of your own health care, spending money to upgrade items that are not covered by insurance or unavailable from your Durable Medical Equipment provider is certainly the waive of the future.

Traveling with portable oxygen allows oxygen dependent people to get out and have the lifestyle they choose.  Our best advice for those of you who will be traveling with portable oxygen is always bring a back up.  Those of you who have heard me speak at seminars or who I have sold a unit to directly know how much I emphasis the need for a back up portable oxygen concentrator.  All portable oxygen concentrators will fail at some point, and what happens when  you are traveling with portable oxygen and your POC fails?

If you own your own machine, and are traveling overseas, on a cruise, or in some remote area, you should buy a back up, or rent a spare portable oxygen concentrator for your trip.  If you own a SeQual Eclipse 3 and are traveling far, rent another SeQual Eclipse 3.  Bringing the extra SeQual Eclipse 3 and the AC and DC charger will give you great piece of mind.

I can tell you I have heard horror stories from oxygen users who have had trouble traveling with portable oxygen.  How would you like your once and a lifetime cruise through the Panama Canal to be cut short due to a portable oxygen concentrator malfunction?

In short, take care of your portable oxygen concentrator needs yourself, be independent and in control.  And, whenever traveling with portable oxygen for an extended period, outside the range of a medical provider or outside help, always bring a spare portable oxygen concentrator.


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Travel Oxygen

April 23rd, 2014 at 5:34 am

Great article!!! The Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator does it all. Its perfect for day or night. Sequal has both a continuous flow and pulse flow setting, made for just about every oxygen therapy patient in mind.

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