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27 Sep 2012

GoAssured POC Program, why buy from GoAssured.  GoAssured has a value added long term approach to portable oxygen concentrators.  At GoAssured we want you to get the right portable oxygen concentrator for you the first time.

GoAssrued POC Program

100 percent Guarantee

Our GoAssured POC Program, (GoAssured Portable Oxygen Concentrator Program) is designed to make happy customers.

No other company even comes close to what GoAssured Offers, our upgrade and replacement program is the best in the industry, bar none.

If you are looking for the best deal, we offer a the most competitive price matching program and still give you more bang for your buck.

Compare purchasing from GoAssured and the competition.

Buying a portable oxygen concentrator is only the first step, and the first expense of POC ownership.  There are many ways to reduce your POC costs, don’t be fooled by rock bottom prices.

With our GoAssured POC Program you get a lifetime of more value for less dollars. The true cost of ownership goes up substantially if you are not careful.

True Free Loaner Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Free Shipping for your loaners, available 24 hour support and Free Preventative Maintenance are just some of the reasons to buy from GoAssured.

For full details see the chart below.


  • What's Included

  • 30 Day trial

  • Buy Back Program

  • Free Loaner

  • Free Loaner Shipping

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Free PM

  • 24 Hour Support

  • Travel Batteries

  • Rescue Program

  • Free Pulse Oximeter

  • Free Cannulas

  • Free Saturation Log

  • Price Guarantee

  • Free Bonus


  • GoAssured POC PROGRAM

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  • Details in Brief

    (Full Details available here)

  • For one calendar year from the date of purchase the purchaser may change portable oxygen concentrators with any other portable oxygen concentrator GoAssured.com sells.

  • Use the unit for 30 days, if the unit does not work as you expected, return it.

  • We will buy back your Portable Concentrator for at a set fee schedule for up to one year from original purchase.

  • With the GoAssured POC Program, you are never charged for a loaner.

  • Go Assured will provide free ground outbound shipping, to the customer.

  • GoAssured are Factory Authorized Re-sellers. GoAssured honors Manufacturers warranties and will facilitate repair or replacement of POC as per Manufacturers’ instructions.

  • GoAssured will provide Free Preventive Maintenance according to the Manufacturers’ schedule.

  • While GoAssured is not a life support oxygen provider, customers of the POC Program have access to customer support 24 hours a day. When you are traveling and in trouble, nothing solves a problem better than a live voice.

  • Why buy extra expensive batteries for the trip that is already expensive. As a POC Program Member, you receive discounted rental batteries whenever you need them.

  • POC Program customers have access to the GoAssured Rescue Program whereby customers have access to expedited shipping of emergency loaner concentrators

  • You need to know what your saturation are, period. Keep this Pulse Oximeter with you and track your oxygen saturation.

  • One year supply of cannulas and tubing is included with your purchase.

  • It is very important to know your oxygen saturation relative to your machine setting and your activity. Track you test results in our Free Saturation Log.

  • GoAssured will match the price of any competitor offering the same services offered in the GoAssured POC Program .

  • POC Program members receive an extra bonus for their purchase, To choose your bonus please click below.

  • Savings and Value well over $1800

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