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21 Sep 2012

Cruise line Portable Oxygen Travel Policies

Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Concentrator travel can be a joy.  Why be stuck inside on oxygen when you can travel with a Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Concentrator?   If you have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator you can use on your Cruise, super, take a look at new policy changes for 2012-2013.  This list was updated from our 2011 data.

As many of you portable oxygen users know, keeping up with changing policies for Airline Travel on Oxygen and Cruise Ship Travel on Oxygen can be a chose.  As previously stated,  each Cruise Line set a standard for the Portable Oxygen Concentrators they allow on board.  We appreciate all the feedback from you Oxygen Travelers and have as you requested updated our Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Travel Policies, links, and added a few new Portable Oxygen Concentrators to the list of allowable Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

As with any travel, do yourself a favor and always let the party you will be traveling with, be it Airline, Cruise Ship, or Train, know that you are coming.  If you cannot get answers to the question you have ask for the Special Needs Department.

Some cruise lines may want to know all relevent medical information should there be an emergency, and require you to complete a MEDIF, or Medical Information Form or to be filled out and presented to the cruise line 72 hours prior to departure.

You will need to speak with the Special Needs Departement to find out specifically the requirements for traveling on a cruise ship with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

Be sure to match a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental to your specific needs. If you need 24 hour oxygen, make sure the concentrator you are bringing is for nocturnal use.

Click on the Cruise Line Name in the table to get to their special needs department.

If you are looking for a Rental Portable Oxygen Concentrator, be sure to grab a deal!

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