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10 May 2012

Any patient who portable oxygen therapy has been using portable oxygen therapy for the last few years is very familiar with some of the more well known portable oxygen concentrators on the market.  As a fan of new portable oxygen concentrators I enjoy very much when I get a sneak peak at the new offerings from the concentrator manufactures.  Especially when the manufacturers are leaders in the field like Airsep, Philips Respironics, and Chart SeQual.

The most recent edition to thenew portable oxygen concentrators market has been the Philips Respironics SimplyGo.  The SimplyGo will be replacing the wildly popular Philips Respironics Evergo portable concentrator.  We took delivery of our first unit about a month ago and have gone through a battery of tests.  The SimplyGo is a bit of a game changer as new portable oxygen concentrators go. You see the SimplyGo offers 2 LPM continuous oxygen and pulse settings to 6 at a weight of 11 pounds.  You heard me, new portable oxygen concentrators capable of use with CPAP and BiPap devices nocturnally.

AirSep has long had world class new portable oxygen concentrators in the Freestyle even though the AirSep FreeStyle is a few years old.  What has always made AirSep such a great company to deal with is the outstanding stateside service, everything is done in New York. With AirSep you get great battery life, excellent technical support, and a great compact portable oxygen concentrator.  What improvements could Airsep make to new portable oxygen concentrators?  Well how about a FreeStyle 5? Rumor has it the new portable oxygen concentrators from AirSep will be an improvement on greatness.  Look for the new portable oxygen concentrators to weigh in just a little more than the current Freestyle with improved output, and settings of 1 – 5.

Chart SeQual  is about due for new Portable Oxygen Concentrators as well.  While the SeQual Eclipse 3 will continue to be improved upon, the rumor  on the street is there are new Portable Oxygen Concentrators, which may  be called the SeQual Equinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator, may be ready later this year.  These new Portable Oxygen Concentrators will have all the same capabilities of the SeQual Eclipse 3, but the SeQual Equinox new portable oxygen concentrators will have a smaller profile and less weight.


As technology continues to improve with the new Portable Oxygen Concentrators as end users of oxygen we can’t be anything but happy. Whether the new Portable Oxygen Concentrators from Phillips Respironics, the SimplyGo will satisfy your oxygen therapy and travel needs, or the new Portable Oxygen Concentrators from Airsep, the FreeStyle 5 allows you the freedom to live a fuller life, we could not be more excited about these new offerings.

New Portable Oxygen Concentrators are always a great thing!  SeQual Equinox, if that is your name, we are waiting for you!! Welcome New Portable Oxygen Concentrators!!

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