Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator deals a secret no more!

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11 Jan 2012

As many savvy oxygen dependent people have discovered, there are deals to be had if you are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator, have you considered a used Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Since GoAssured began renting Portable Oxygen Concentrators  for traveling patients close to 10 years ago the locals new they could find deals.  Through years of experience, we learned that the most trouble free and worry free portable oxgyen rentals, for both our customers and ourselves, are those Concentrators that are the newest.

In our effort to ensure the most trouble free travel while on your GoAssured portable oxygen rental, we have created a policy that our rental portable oxygen concentrators can only be rented a maximum of 15 times.

The fact of the matter is many of the used portable oxygen concentrators are used sparingly by the people who rent them.  We recently had a SeQual Eclipse 3 Rental come back after a three week rental, and the unit only had an additional 22 hours on it.  The SeQual Eclipse  was there for emergencies, it was used on the plane out and back, but not much else.  The customer was very pleased, they had peace of mind knowing that if they required oxygen therapy, the SeQual Eclipse was there.

Often times we will retire used portable oxygen concentrators from active rental duty with only a few hundred hours, even though the unit has traveled abroad 15 times.

Some Questions you may be asking along the lines of  is it OK to purchase a used portable oxygen concentrator  from GoAssured?

  • Is it clean and sanitized?  GoAssured follows the same protocols as our Accredited Home Oxygen Company. Each used portable oxygen concentrator is cleaned and chemically sanitized with Hospital Grade, not available to the public, chemicals.  Filters are clean, replaced, and a Preventive Maintenance procedure is performed on each machine.  Following the PM, each used portable oxygen concentrator is bench tested for 48 hours, checked for correct operating parameters and oxygen output.
  • Is it under warranty? Unlike other companies, or private parties our used portable oxygen concentrator warranties are fully transferable.
  • Who will service my machine?  Should your used portable oxygen concentrator require service, simply call us and we can make arrangements to get your used portable oxygen concentrator in to us and one of our loaners out to you while you are waiting.


Many of our customers like the service of our Portable Oxygen Concentrator Program, and would like to have the ability to get free loaners, free maintenance, and a free upgrade path to a different Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Ask about our 5 Star Service Program, and for an additional fee, we can cover your Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator as if it were new!

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Anne O'Brien

April 14th, 2013 at 9:41 pm

How much does it cost inc shipping to UK



April 15th, 2013 at 4:51 pm

$200 US

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