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3 Jan 2012

If you own any SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator some basic battery maintenance will help you get the most out of your POC.

Like most Portable Concentrators, the Eclipse uses Lithium Ion batteries, in the case of the SeQual Eclipse, two batteries are contained inside a Eclipse Power Cartridge.

Generation one Power Cartridges with the blue tab, or generation 2 Power Cartridges with the black tab both require a little user maintenance to ensure optimum battery performance.

Both batteries need to be synchronized in order to work the best, and over time, one battery may drain faster than the other, and cause a performance issue.  So instead of getting 4 hours out of your power cartridge, you may only get 3.5 hours or less.

The procedure is very simple and should be performed about every 3 months.


Step 1

Unplug the Eclipse and insert the Power Cartridge you are planning to calibrate. Run the SeQual Eclipse at a continuous setting of 0.5 LPM to fully discharge you are calibrating until the unit alarms.

For a faster discharge you could run the SeQual Eclipse at a higher setting, say 1.5 LPM continuous, unit the low battery alarm sounds, then switch to 0.5 LPM continuous.

Step 2

Silence the continuous alarm by plugging in the AC power supply.

Step 3

Power Down the SeQual Eclipse while the unit is plugged in.  This will allow your battery to fully charge more quickly.  Once your power cartridge is completely charged, you can remove your battery, it is ready for use.

If your battery has not been calibrated in several months, or your battery was never calibrated, you may have to repeat the cycle a few times to get peak performance.

If you’re battery has been sitting dormant for many months, and you just use your Eclipse to travel just a few times a year, and it otherwise sites unused, it is best to perform this procedure prior to any traveling you may be doing while on portable oxygen.

Typical battery life for any POC lithium battery is 300-500 charge cycles.

Lithium Batteries perform best when stored at 50% charge.

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