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MEDIF Forms.  What are they and do you need one for traveling? If are planning airline travel with your Portable Oxygen Concentrator, either domestically in the United States or abroad, the airlines may require some information about you and your medical condition.  The FAA has set standards in the United States with regard to Portable […]

Cruise line Portable Oxygen Travel Policies Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Concentrator Traveling made easy. Each individual Cruise line determines the types of Portable Oxygen Concentrators are approved for use on their Cruise Lines. As such, each cruise line has their own set of rules, and even documentation that may be required. The basic rules of air […]

As many savvy oxygen dependent people have discovered, there are deals to be had if you are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator, have you considered a used Portable Oxygen Concentrator Since GoAssured began renting Portable Oxygen Concentrators  for traveling patients close to 10 years ago the locals new they could find deals.  Through years of experience, we […]

Need to Rent a Portable Oxygen Concentrator for your trip? Airline Travel Chart, Polices, and Forms Airline Form Eclipse Evergo LifeChoice iGo XPO2 Solo2 OxLife Aerolineas Argentinas MEDIF Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Aeromexico MEDIF Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Air Berlin  MEDIF Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Air Canada […]

LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrators have a feature that is unique among all other portable oxygen  concentrators.  Built into the supplemental battery of each Life Choice portable oxygen concentrator is a surge protector. The concept is great, who would not want to protect their $4000 POC from a power surge that could fry the complex electronics […]

Understanding the battery level on your Portable Oxygen Concentrator is essential for your health and well being.  You do not want to misread the power remaining on the portable concentrator least you will leave yourself out of batteries, out of oxygen, and out of breath! Today we’ll focus on the LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator specifically, […]

If you own any SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator some basic battery maintenance will help you get the most out of your POC. Like most Portable Concentrators, the Eclipse uses Lithium Ion batteries, in the case of the SeQual Eclipse, two batteries are contained inside a Eclipse Power Cartridge. Generation one Power Cartridges with the […]

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