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30 Dec 2011

The majority of people on Oxygen Therapy in the United States are not lucky enough to have portable oxygen concentrators as an equipment choice from their oxygen service provider.  Most oxygen companies who deal with Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance companies do not have any portable oxygen  inventory at all to offer their patients, and can you blame them?  With your average portable oxygen concentrator costing the dealer seven (7) times as much as a stationary oxygen machine, reimbursement for oxygen cut by over 70% since 1997, and compliance and regulatory costs quadrupled at minimum, one need not wonder why you cannot find a portable concentrator from your provider.

So, what is an person on oxygen therapy to do when their provider cannot provide them what they need for every day use, not to mention when traveling on a plane, ship or by automobile with on oxygen.

Why, you rent one of course!!  10 years ago when we began renting portable oxygen concentrators for trips and short term need, no other company provided our service.  Now there are several companies to choose from when renting a portable oxygen concentrator, here are a few things to consider when you choose your company.

  1. Are you looking to rent a POC  for a single use, or do you envision renting a Portable Concentrator on a more frequent basis?  Check to see if the portable oxygen company you will be renting from will give you discounts for frequent rentals.  Companies like GoAssured offer free rental batteries and accessories to their repeat customers.
  2. Are you really looking to try out a portable concentrator to decide whether you would like to purchase the unit?  If you are considering purchasing the POC you are renting, tell the rental company, you may be able to apply part of your rental fees towards purchase of a portable concentrator.  You can even arrange to have a new unit shipped instead of a unit previously rented.
  3. When shopping price, which is always a consideration, who pays for the shipping?  Don’t fall for cheap advertised prices!! Most companies out there charge you for shipping and handling at least one direction.  So when you are looking at the total price versus the low price advertised on their site you will be paying more for your rental in the end.
  4. If this is your first time renting a portable oxygen concentrator, does the company you are dealing with have the knowledge to guide you to the correct POC for your Oxygen Therapy needs?  The customer service at most oxygen rental sites could not tell you the difference between a metered dose or a hybrid dose of oxygen.  They certainly will not be able to correctly guide you to the best portable concentrator suited to your individual needs.   That is one of the reasons we developed GoAssured’s Guide to Picking Portable Oxygen Concentrators, to make suggesting a POC easier and based of a patient’s own oxygen therapy experience.
  5. Are you traveling by air?  Make sure the oxygen concentrator you are renting is FAA Approved and has any appropriate stickers if required.

And one final thought, how many times have these oxygen concentrators been rented?   A careful look on a few websites and you will notice the rental fleets consist of oxygen concentrators that have updated.  SeQual Ecipse 2 rentals instead of SeQual Eclipse 3, older versions of Respironics Evergo, Invacare Solo2, Invacare XPO2, and first generation LifeChoice concentrators.  We short term rent our concentrator no more than 15 times because we want you to have a problem free portable oxygen rental experience.


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