Dealers Choice: Why patient oriented providers choose SeQual Eclipse 3 and why you should try a SeQual Eclipse before you Buy a SeQual Eclipse

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14 Dec 2010

When it comes to taking care of our Long Term Oxygen Patients (LTOT) patients GoAssured is proud to carry the SeQual Eclipse 3 Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS).   Since we first began providing portable oxygen concentrators for our LTOT patients, the SeQual Eclipse, Eclipse 2, and now SeQual Eclipse 3 have been the most requested, most durable, and most versatile of any of the portable oxygen concentrators on the market.  GoAssured’s focus is to provide our portable oxygen patients with  ultimate portability, which as studies have shown, leads to longevity of oxygen dependent people.

GoAssured Long Term Oxygen Patients benefit by having access to a portable oxygen concentrator that has both continuous flow and pulse does settings.  The multiple choices in oxygen delivery allow our patients to enjoy a single portable oxygen concentrator for a wide variety of activities and still remain properly titrated during activities of daily living, sleep, and altitude.  Proper titration through all oxygen delivery modes and all activities is an important component of Long Term Oxygen Therapy.
The SeQual Eclipse 3 was developed the patient in mind. The Eclipse 3 adapts as your needs change. The SeQual Eclipse is the all-in-one oxygen system for ambulating around the home, the town and the world! The Eclipse 3 keeps up with your various activities of daily living while providing the individualized oxygen prescription.
The Eclipse 3 uses AutoSAT Technology, a pulse delivery system, which maintains a consistent pulse dose  volume for every breath as your respiratory rate changes.  With a fixed pulse dose volume up to 96mL (in increments of  16mL) in addition, three new pulse dose volumes of 128mL, 160mL and 192mL the Eclipse 3 offers a great variety of pulse dose settings.  Patient adjustable rise times (fast, medium and slow) and the ability to be used with CPAP and bi-level devices in continuous mode make the SeQual Eclipse 3 a great choice for a traveling on oxygen.
If you think the SeQual Eclipse  3 may work for your, why not try before you buy?  Rent a SeQual Eclipse 3 before you buy a SeQual Eclipse 3.  If you choose to buy your SeQual Eclipse 3, your rental charges will apply toward your purchase!
Benefits of the SeQual Eclipse 3 include:
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides continuous flow and pulse dose options
  • Low-maintenance and low power-consuming system
  • AC/DC and rechargeable power cartridge extends therapy time and patient travel
  • No more waiting for cylinder deliveries and replaces bulky equipment
  • FAA approved for commercial airline travel
  • Accessory options that support an active lifestyle
  • Continuous flow up to 3LPM and a pulse dose option
  • –  Continuous flow is the gold standard for nocturnal use
  • autoSAT™ Technology adjusts to your breath rate to ensure consistent bolus volume
  • AC/DC and power cartridge allows for travel around town or even around the world
  • Reduced power consumption means lower electrical costs
  • FAA Approved
  • Operates up to 13,123 feet in altitude for air or land excursions
  • Is compatible with many leading CPAP and bi-level devices in Continuous Flow Mode
Ask your doctor to prescribe the Eclipse and start living your life to the fullest or demo a SeQual for two weeks.
The SeQual Eclipse offers a full line of accessories
  • New, easy-to-use, black button features intuitive downward release
  • Provides up to 5.0 hours of power
  • Charges using AC/DC power
  • Easily charge additional SeQual Eclipse Batteries
  • Charges the Eclipse Battery in less than 3 hours
  • Use anywhere in the world, by combining with the Universal Power Plug Set (sold separately)
  • File HCPCS code E1357
  • Intended for use at home, or wherever standard AC power is available
  • SeQual branded to help distinguish from
  • E1 and E2 power supplies
  • Green LED illuminates when AC Power
  • Supply is supplying 28VDC power
  • Intended for use with DC accessory outlets, such as those found in motor vehicles
  • Green LED illuminates when DC Power Supply is supplying 26VDC power
  • File HCPCS code E1358
  • Features six-inch wheels for higher ground clearance
  • Ideal for all seasons, all terrains
  • Easy access to Battery
  • Handle slides up and down with different settings for personalized adjustment
  • File HCPCS code E1354
  • Neatly stores Eclipse accessories
  • Rubber handles offer a sturdy grip
  • Easily slips over the handle of all Eclipse carts.
Optional Accessories:
  • Attaches humidifier bottle to Eclipse unit
  • humidifier bottle not included
Eclipse Profile Cart, Item #7092
  • Features telescoping handle
  • Fits under most airline seats
  • File HCPCS code E1354
  • Reduces external wear and tear
  • Protects against spillage and inclement weather
  • Secures with convenient zipper closure
  • Clear plastic window allows access to control panel
  • Features adjustable Velcro inner partitions
  • Neatly stores Eclipse accessories
  • Rubber handle offers a sturdy grip
  • Easily slips over the handle of all Eclipse Carts
  • SeQual’s featured bundle accessory
  • Includes Eclipse Travel Case, Power Cartridge, & Desktop Charger
  • Ideal for international travel with the Eclipse
  • Europe, UK, New Zealand, North/South America, Japan & Taiwan
  • Rated at 10A to support the current demand of the Eclipse
  • Attaches to any push-handle wheelchair using adjustable, buckle-style clips
  • Eclipse fits easily into the main compartment
  • Velcro flap provides easy access to the Eclipse Battery

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