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29 Nov 2010

Are there really Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be had for portable oxygen concentrators? And, more importantly, do you want them?

Black Friday is traditionally (a pretty new tradition really) one of the largest volume and sales days for online retailers, and Cyber Monday, another huge day of business for online retailers, but are those people shopping for cheap LCD televisions and Nintendo games really looking to buy cheap medical equipment too? Well,…yes. Things to keep in mind with medical equipment, especially expensive portable oxygen equipment like portable oxygen concentrators from the SeQual Eclipse 2, the SeQual Eclipse 3, the Evergo from Respironics, the iGo from Devilbiss or both portable oxygen concentrators from Invacare, the XPO2 and the Solo2 is

  1. Portable oxygen concentrators (POC’s) are expensive to start with
  2. Manufactures set priciing for the equipment
  3. Most importantly, the company you buy your portable oxygen concentrator from does matter, and a couple hundred dollar saving could cost you thousands in the long run if you choose the wrong retailer to buy from.

SeQual Eclipse, Respironics Evergo, Devilbiss iGo, XPO2 and Solo2 from Invacare, are one of the most expensive items purchased by respiratory companies. Stationary oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators alike require periodic maintenance at best, and at worst, need to be seen every few months to ensure the oxygen purity is up to specifications. A SeQual Eclipse has an internal PM that should be performed approximately once a year, and the lithium batteries for the Respironics Evergo, Invacare Solo2 and XPO2 all have specific maintenance and storage procedures that should be followed to ensure optimum battery life. Portable Oxygen Battery packs can run as much as $900, so it is in the owners best interest to keep the batteries at their optimum level. GoAssured is an online retailer that offers monthly reminders about batteries, storage and charging, for each specific battery. Including this service as a standard part of the GoAssured 5 Star Service Plan is just one way picking the right company to purchase your portable oxygen concentrator from can actaully save you money in the long run.

When searching for your deal on a SeQual Eclipse or Respironics Evergo portable oxygen concentrator (POC) remember to look at the overall cost of ownership. Portable oxygen concentrator ownership is a commitment, you want to buy a SeQual Eclipse or buy a Respironics Evergo, but make sure you are getting the best value for you dollar, not just a short term deal. If you want a short term deal, it may be better to just rent a portable concentrator. And if you plan to use portable oxygen only while you travel by motor home or RV, perhaps a Respironics Everflo and Respironics Ultrafill would meet your needs.

Cyber Monday may still bring deals like a free stationary concentrator with purchase of a portable SeQual Eclipse or Respironics Evergo, but if you are getting that Respironics Everflo from a company that does not have a plan to keep your concentrator running, and supply you with a free loaner if your portable concentrator needs repair, you should look to a company that does have a 5 Star Service Plan. You may even be able to call toll free 855-4-OXYGEN for your best price on portable oxygen and ask to switch the free oxygen concentrator for an extra battery for your new SeQual Eclipse or Respironics Evergo.

Getting the best deal on a portable oxygen concentrator should not mean you have to give up service and support. If you are buying a cheap portable oxygen concentrator from a bargain basement Internet retailer, what are the odds they will be around to service the equipment when you need it serviced, or that the will keep you on a schedule to maximize performance of your SeQual Eclipse, EverGo, iGo, XPO2, or Solo2?

Happy Holidays, Happy Shopping, Be Smart, Go shopping with confidence, GoAssured.

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