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6 Oct 2010

There are many reasons people look online to buy a portable oxygen concentrator or a home oxygen concentrator.  While you may worry about the service you get from a company that may be miles away from you, you may be surprised your portable oxygen therapy needs could be serviced better by a good internet based company, and there are one or two.

Ideally the internet store you are looking for is internet based but has a current or recent brick and mortar store as well.  Don’t buy from an internet only site or auction only site that popped up trying to make money by selling items out of a manufacturers warehouse.  Be wary of these sites, not just for the lack of support and product knowledge you won’t receive, but because as manufacturers realize these companies have cheapened their products and cheapened their company names, those bad apples will have their accounts closed and further limit your access to warranty issues.

Dealing with oxygen companies that have delivered, serviced, and repaired equipment has great advantages.  For one, what happens in the middle of the night if you require some technical assistance?  Well, if you buy from an internet only site, your just likely to get an answering machine or a call center with a live person,…who will take a message.  Nice.  A good internet company will have a 24 hour support line, offer service and repairs on the equipment they sell, and in some cases, provide loaner equipment during your repair, so you are not without your portable oxygen concentrator. Some online companies that seem to do a good job and have cheap prices are feeling the heat as their ultra low prices, which seem great to the consumer, are having adverse effects on the entire industry.  When some internet company sells their product for dollars over cost, the ultimate loser is the consumer.  Insurance companies look to the internet to justify lowering the reimbursement of medical equipment rates. Insurance companies look at the equipment cost only, not the total cost it takes for warehousing, payroll, insurance, service, delivery, set up, professional services, 24 hour support, etc etc. Consumers seeking to have insurance companies reimburse for medical expenses are finding the lower reimbursement for the supplier means the consumer gets a lower grade product as the supplier is forced to purchase cheaper product in the struggle to keep profitable.  In order to receive the higher quality product, with more advanced features, the consumer will now be forced to pay more money out of pocket for the device since their insurance reimbursement for the product has been reduced because of cheap internet suppliers. Manufacturers have now begun setting minimum advertised pricing and sale prices for their products, with the requirement that the service component associated with a reputable brick and mortar store be passed on to the internet end user.

When looking for a portable concentrator, or a home stationary oxygen concentrator, consider the total cost of ownership.  Just like when you are buying a car, the low price may be one factor, but what will service and maintenance cost, and what about road side assistance and the comforting feeling of that toll free number?

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