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So you have been diagnosed with lung disease, long-term oxygen therapy has been prescribed by your physician, and you have questions about oxygen therapy.  How can oxygen therapy improve your lifestyle and help you comfortably maintain the activities you choose?  Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’ve assembled educational sites pertaining to oxygen therapy that may […]

You are in the market to buy a portable concentrator, how do you choose the model that is right for you?  Choosing a portable concentrator or rather matching your oxygen therapy needs to a portable concentrator is actually an in-depth process. To begin with, your activity level and lifestyle need to be taken into account, […]

No matter what portable oxygen concentrator you have all manufacturers have simple routine maintenance steps that will help keep your portable concentrator in peak operating condition.  Whether you own a SeQual Eclipse, Invacare Solo, Invacare XPO2, Innogen One, Respironics Evergo, DeVilbiss IGO, OxiLife or a different transportable oxygen concentrator, the basic user maintenance recommended for […]

Many owners of portable oxygen concentrators face some interesting challenges with servicing and maintaining  their POC’s.  How to have preventative maintenance performed and who will service the portable concentrator when service is due. The dilemma begins with the purchasing process, deciding whether to buy a portable oxygen concentrator from a local provider or from an Internet retailer.  A buyer might […]

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