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18 May 2010

How did SeQual improve on their wildly successful  portable oxygen concentrator, the SeQual Eclipse 2?  The short answer is by giving the SeQual Eclipse 3 some performance enhancing features, improving clinical benefits, and modifying an accessory to accommodate patient requests.

Eclipse 3 with AutoSAT   E3 –  The Third Generation!!

The difference between the SeQual Eclipse 2 and the SeQual Eclipse 3 is primarily programming.  SeQual Eclipse portable oxygen concentrators were intentionally designed differently from your run of the mill oxygen concentrator, SeQual Eclipse oxygen concentrators have a brain that can be programmed…or re-programmed as improvements are made.  The SeQual Eclipse 2 shares approximately 95% of the same hardware as the SeQual Eclipse 3, and as such can be re-programmed to include the enhanced performance and clinical benefits of the SeQual Eclipse 3.  While the SeQual Eclipse 1 is able to take programming to enhance performance to SeQual Eclipse 2 standards, there are hardware limitations that make an upgraded SeQual Eclipse 1 more like an SeQual Eclipse 1.8 than an SeQual Eclipse 2.0.

The SeQual Eclipse 2 and SeQual Eclipse 3 both offer continuous oxygen up to 3.0 LPM, and pulse dosing to an 6.0 LPM equivalent (96mL) , however, the Sequal Eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrator has been enhanced to provide additional pulse dosing equivalents up to 12.0 LPM or 192mL per dose.  The pulse dose volumes increase in 16mL increments.

On the LCD display the patient can choose either the LPM or the mL dose.

Also added is the ability of the patient to customize the delivery of their oxygen by allowing 3 available rise times, Fast, Medium, and Slow.  That is the SeQual Eclipse 3’s answer to a one size does not fit all portable oxygen concentrator POC.  If the patient has a slow shallow breather, the concentrator can be adjusted to best accommodate that style of inspiration.  With the SeQual Eclipse 3, the clinician can now choose the best pulse dose delivery waveform for patient comfort.

Also, a feature of both the Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3 is an adjustable Puse Dose sensitivity setting.


One hardware difference on the SeQual Eclipse 3 is not actually on the unit itself, but on the cart accessory. The Universal Cart (item 5991) was designed to allow easy access to the battery while the unit is still attached to the cart.  A patient requested improvement.

The SeQual Eclipse 3 also uses new AC and DC adapters that are smaller in size, yet more durable that the AC and DC adapters on the Eclipse 2.

As with the improvements between the SeQual Eclipse 1 and SeQual Eclipse 2, the SeQual Eclipse 3 incorporates a more friendly alarm package.  While in pulse dose mode, if the unit does not detect an inspiratory effort the device will switch to continuous flow,  searching every 15 seconds for a breath to switch back to conserving.

Also, the SeQual Eclipse 3 incorporates autoSAT technology, which is SeQual’s proprietary programming that can adjust the oxygen dose with the patient need. The SeQual Eclipse 3’s AutoSAT technology is designed to consistently maintain an Fi02 by adjusting the the patient’s respiratory rate.  As the patient’s respiratory rate increases, the autoSAT feature of the SeQual Eclipse 3 will servo-control the device to automatically increase oxygen output to ensure uninterrupted delivery of the set pulse dose volume.


Only a SeQual Eclipse 3 with AutoSAT provides the patient with unparalleled performance without limiting available oxygen, enabling the system to automatically adjust to increased oxygen demands that often occur as part of a patients’ everyday life.

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