Choosing the best Portable Oxygen Therapy when traveling by car.

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25 May 2010

Part 1 – Traveling with oxygen in your Motor Home or RV

Oxygen in RV

We are often asked what is the best portable oxygen concentrator to travel with when in an automobile.  Seems straight forward enough, and the answer is in the details of your specific trip and your personal oxygen therapy requirements.   The best portable oxygen system is going to be the best for you!  When you are in the initial planning stages of your trip every oxygen  delivery is available to you.  Your limitations will be the type of vehicle you are traveling in and your specific oxygen therapy requirements.

Oxygen in CarIf you were touring the country or state in your recreational vehicle (RV) or motor home you could even bring a stationary oxygen concentrator like an Invacare Platinum or PerfectO2 model or a Respironics Everflo or Everflo Q.  I mention both of these stationary units because the manufactures also have a companion Home Oxygen Filling System in the Invacare HomeFill or the Respironics UltraFill.  The benefits of using the home oxygen filling system if traveling by RV is the endless supply of  compressed portable oxygen you are able to generate from your own 2000 PSI or 3000 PSI  lightweight aluminum compressed gas cylinders.  Filling your own portable oxygen cylinder and using the oxygen conserving device either built onto the cylinder as with some Invacare HomeFill cylinders or added to the unit as with the Respironics UltraFill cylinders will allow your tank to last five times longer than with a standard regulator.  The stationary concentrator could be run at night for your oxygen needs while filling your portable cylinders at the same time.  That way your day use or ambulatory oxygen tanks are filled and ready to go.  With the RV’s on board generator or with a campsite plug into the motor home,  there is a definite advantage to traveling in a RV.

While a home oxygen filling system is great for an RV, there is an even nicer way to travel by motor home on oxygen.  If you travel in your RV with your own portable oxygen concentrator you can do away with the filling station and multiple portable oxygen tanks.  For example using a single SeQual Eclipse 3, Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS), all of your oxygen needs can be met in a single portable unit.  The SeQual Eclipse 3, the Invacare Solo, and the Devilbiss iGo all offer 3 liter continuous oxygen plus the ability to operate from AC power, DC power, or rechargeable batteries.   Having a portable oxygen concentrator that operates at 3 LPM in continuous mode means you can sleep with the unit as well as use the unit for your portable needs.  A complete, self-contained all in one package like a 3 LPM continuous mode portable oxygen concentrator is by far the easiest way to travel in your RV.

Sequal DC AdapterNow, there are other portable oxygen concentrators out there that will also work in your travels if you have your stationary concentrator along with you for your nocturnal oxygen needs.  Invacare’s Xp02, Respironics EverGo, Inogen One,  AirSep FreeStyle and the  AirSep Lifestyle just to name a few.  All of these personal oxygen concentrators are capable of providing oxygen in pulse dose setting for your ambulatory needs, but are not recommended for nocturnal use.  If you choose a pulse dose only portable oxygen concentrator for your travels by RV you will still need to have a stationary or continuous portable oxygen concentrator for proper nocturnal oxygen saturation.  With anywhere from 3 to 8 hours of battery life, choosing a portable oxygen concentrator  with pulse dose only settings is a great way to go.

Being oxygen dependent does not mean you need to be stuck at home.  If you require oxygen therapy and plan to travel, and have the good fortune to travel by RV you have many options available to you.  Whether you choose a stationary concentrator and  home oxygen filling system combination, a 3 LPM continuous portable oxygen concentrator, or a stationary oxygen concentrator and a pulse only personal oxygen system you will be free to roam!

Now get out there and enjoy life!

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