I'm going on a plane, how many batteries for my POC?

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29 Apr 2010

Sequal Eclipse Battery

We receive this question a lot!!  I’m going from A to B, how many batteries do I need to take on my trip.  The short answer to that question is more than you think.  The variables of battery life of each individual POC (portable oxygen concentrator), the variables of the prescriptions, and the variable of the inspiration rates of the portable oxygen user aside, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

For purposes of this discussion, lets look at a Sequal Eclipse 3, a portable oxygen concentrator that is capable of continuous flow up to 3 LPM (liters per minute) and FAA approved.  Most airlines would like you to calculate your total  trip time a combination of

  1. Flight time (the total amount of time for the flight as estimated by the airline)
  2. Ground time (travel to and from  the airport, pre-flight check in, security check in, lay overs,  connection time, etc)
  3. Unexpected delays

Once you have calculated the time for items 1 and 2, multiply that number by 150% to cover item 3, unexpected delays.  So, for a 4 hour flight, at an airport 1 hour from your house, with a hotel 1 hour from your house, and a 2 hour pre-flight check in you might try these numbers. Assuming you are taking a taxi to and from the airport, and there is no DC plug for you Sequal Eclipse 3, you are looking at 8 hours as a base, so 12 hours at 150% of the base.  With a Sequal Eclipse 3 in conserving mode at 2 LPM expected battery life (item 7082) is approximately 4 hours, so 12 total hours divided by 4 hours per battery is a total of 3 batteries.

Respironics Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The good news is 3 batteries for your Sequal Eclipse 3 may be overkill, which can only make you breath easier..(pun intended).  If you have your Sequal Eclipse 3 DC car charger available, and made use of it during your trip to and from the airport, you have just extended your battery life by 2 hours.  Once you arrived at the airport, made it through security, and found your way to the gate, you could plug your Sequal Eclipse 3 into one of the 110w standard power outlets in gate area, and charge your partially depleted battery while using the Sequal Eclipse 3.  With the charging times on the Sequal Eclipse 3, even a 20 minute charge might be enough to top of your partially depleted battery.

Something to think about on a particularly long flight, especially if there is a layover, would be to bring your Sequal Eclipse 3 desktop charger (item 7112).  With the desktop charger you could charge a depleted battery while on AC power charging the internal battery.  Some of our clients have even used the airline outlets and a desktop charger to charge additional batteries in flight…not a bad idea.

Bottom line is this, you don’t want to be at a point in time during your trip that the yellow light is flashing and your out of batteries for whatever POC (portable  oxygen concentrator) you are using.  Use the 150% rule and fly safe, fly often, and feel secure knowing your covered if something unexpected happens.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Click The Below Image to See Details on the Sequal Eclipse Battery Consumption or download it Power Cartridge-Airline Travel Table_updated

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery Consumption

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