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Another question we get pretty frequently is, “Do I need a portable oxygen concentrator?”  Well, the short answer just may be no.  If you are dealing with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, or Congestive Heart Failure, but are in the beginning stages of the disease, it is possible that your prescription is only for nocturnal oxygen.  […]

We receive this question a lot!!  I’m going from A to B, how many batteries do I need to take on my trip.  The short answer to that question is more than you think.  The variables of battery life of each individual POC (portable oxygen concentrator), the variables of the prescriptions, and the variable of […]

Have you ever wondered if you could bring your own portable oxygen on a plane with you while you travel?  Well, the answer is no,….and yes. Firstly, absolutely not if you are stuck using a liquid oxygen system.  Liquid oxygen is not allowed on planes, period. If for example, you wanted to bring your own […]

Can the use of portable oxygen result in better quality, longer life?  Well, the short answer to that question is yes.  If you are a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) sufferer, the distances you can walk improve with the use of portable oxygen.  This improvement in your ability to ambulate will ultimately help improve your […]

Not that the decision to purchase a particular portable oxygen concentrator was easy, you also have to determine the best oxygen delivery device (aka cannula) for both you and your system.  Each manufacturer has some requirements for the cannula length and the overall length allowed for the entire delivery device, that is tubing plus cannula.  […]

The first portable oxygen concentrators that were truly portable did not show up on the market until about the year 2000.  Prior to that, oxygen concentrators for home medical use, like the units pioneered by John Bunn, weighed in at about 50 pounds plus.  Patients used portable cylinders, either gas or liquid filled to maintain […]

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